Monday, February 03, 2014

Entering Senior Year at 11 years old

I am now entering senior year at 11 years old. Last year 2013 was a good year.. my skin problem is cleared, no more ear infection, drinking alkaline water and eating cranberries extract so no more bladder stones nor urinary tract infection...for the past 3 years Mummy has been walking me twice a day so I no longer have any chance to sneak out and eat my poo or Cookie's poo... I am keeping a healthy weight and I got my waist back...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Unleashed Standard Poodle Roaming Kathib

 This is the unleashed standard poodle owned by this old lady roaming everyday in Kathib that bitten my Cookie. She charging at us and punding and growling... and Cookie belly up submitted to her, and she continued to bite my Cookie. Reported the incident to AVA and Yishun police.

Singapore law requires all dogs to be leashed in public places. Please leash your dogs. Please be sensitive to our Malay friends in the community. Please understand there are children and people who don't like dogs and afraid of dogs. You need to pick up your dog's poo.. Dogs pick up fear in people and will attack them.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookie bitten by unleashed standard poodle

 On Sunday afternoon 2:30pm while walking around the housing estate, an unleashed standard poodle followed us.. as Cookie was walking very slowly behind Mummy, she got bitten by the poodle. The poodle attacked without being provoked. Cookie already submitted and belly up, the poodle continued to attack. I was lucky as Mummy dragged us away from the poodle as fast as we could..

When we reached home Mummy treated Cookie's injuries... stopping the blood, and then we rushed to the vet at 3:30pm. As it was Sunday and we were walk-in, we waited until 6pm before Cookie was treated by the vet.  

Mummy went to buy a walking stick which she will be using while dog-walking from now on. If we see the poodle again, Mummy will have no problem using the stick to fight the poodle. Mummy will protect us from now on. AVA officer has promised will handle the case. Mummy has also talked to the coffeshop, NTUC staff, and other dog owners regarding this unleashed poodle that is owned by a 70+ years old lady. In the past, Mummy has three times asking the old lady to leash her poodle.. but the old lady seems dementia.. Sigh, for this week Cookie will be staying home to recover.. Mummy is so heart pain right now.. sob sob..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Medicated Shampoo and Urinary Tract Infection

 I hope to maintain shinny and healthy coat... After bath with medicated shampoo.. I really likes the feel of the shampoo.. All my dead skin scrub off...

 Relaxing after bath.. Mummy just changed the bed sheet, cleaned the whole house.. sterilised.. so that bacteria/yeast don't bother me no more..

 Medicated shampoo and a month's supply of antibiotics for my urinary tract infection.. Mummy doesn't think that I am food allergic.. she thinks the weather is the culprit for my skin flakes.. Anyway, to play safe now I am on pork.. Dr Wendy Chee said chicken and beef are the most allergenic.

I am now 9+ years old.. Mummy has been managing my skin problem on her own for 9 years now.. She thinks so far so good, or OK lah.. as she is not going to spend $1000 to do the allergy test kit.. I have yeast ear infection for as long as 9 years... managed by diluted apple cider vinegar.. But recently I am cured, using the Surolan..
In March this year I have an episode of urinary tract infection.. with this experience, Mummy learned how to tell when I have uti again.. I will drink lots of water and my pee will be very diluted.. that's the sign of me getting uti ..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ears infection..bacteria vs yeast

Mummy's friend visiting from Australia and brought us a lot of kangaroo meat dog treats.. Yummy Yummy

After 2 weeks of antibiotics treatment, the bacteria all clear up.. now is yeast infection. So I am now on another 2 weeks of yeast medication. Now that my ears are no longer painful, Mummy can treat my ears easier... In the beginning I didn't stay still..

Due to chronic ear infections my ear canals have narrowed and walls thickened.. This means I need long term management of my ears..

This is the yeast medication.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bacteria Ear Infection

For many years my ears have some yeast growth.. and for years Mummy uses diluted apple cider vinegar to clean my ears and the yeast growth is manageable.. but now for the first time my ears are bacteria infected! When Mummy began to smell the bacteria stinky growth (like those bacteria cultures Mummy used to grow in the lab).. and milky liquid in my ears oozing.. Mummy straight away rushed me to the vet! Thank God we went to the vet! The bacteria are very resistant to normal antibiotic... even apple cider vinegar has no effect, it only makes my ears irritated and soar with redness. The antibiotic application was for two weeks.. but after one week we have used up a bottle. So Mummy went to get another bottle..
After more than a week of treatment, I am back to my normal self... eating my breakfast, active, and barking again.. I no longer yelp at the touch of my ears..  and I no longer go hiding under the bed... Mummy is so happy I no longer hiding away from her.. My relationship with Mummy is back to normal again.. as loving as before...