Monday, April 17, 2006

Three kittens rescued during heavy rain!

Yesterday evening Precious's mummies, Dragon Lady and Wonder Woman, rescued three drowning kittens during the heavy rain! The kittens were being flushed down the drain. Dragon L and Wonder W carried the kittens to dry ground. They called my Powerpuff girl Buttercup to help. Buttercup brought down old clothes, hot milk and hot bottle to try to feed, dry and warm the kittens. Buttercup went to look at the drain and found the kitten's mummy. She opened up the drain, everyone backed away, and the cat jumped out. Watching from a distance, Buttercup saw the cat carried the kittens one by one using her mouth to a safety nest.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mango Feast!

I love mango feast! Precious, the shihztu in the middle, is my neighbour. We play with each other almost everyday. Her mummy loves to feed us all types of fruits.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Aggressive Chewer!

Cookie is such an aggressive chewer. She usually gets a bigger piece of the kangaroo backbone than mine. She often finishes hers way ahead of mine. One time she even chipped her left upper molar tooth. Mummy brought her to the vet and she got a teeth scaling procedure.

Cookie is also a fear-aggressive biter, and dominating. She also dislikes children. Mummy has been training her through dog obedience for many years. Cookie is always leashed as Mummy often gets panic attack whenever Cookie heads towards a target, be it roller blader, sweeper, karang guni, a child, etc.

Weak bladder

As Cookie is getting old, seven years old, she sometimes leaks urine while lying down, chewing her toy or sleeping.

Sand Bath!

Cookie taught me many things. She taught me how to enjoy life sand bathing. She will rub and wriggle her back against the sand, rolling and digging in!

Floatation device

I tried on the floatation device. I felt it's too big for me. I swim better without it. Anyway, I put it on just to take photos.

Billiejean Got it!

Hey I got it! I snatched the Catty from Cookie! Obviously I am a faster swimmer. Cookie can run faster than me, but she is not as good a swimmer. That is why mummy put a floatation device on her.

Cookie Shows Teeth!

Cookie looks like a Monster! This Catty toy is my favorite! I only get to play with it once a week at the beach. I love the fetch game. Mummy will throw the Catty into the sea, and I will ride the wave to fetch it back. I am such a good swimmer!

My Skippy and Me!

This Skippy was originally belonged to Cookie. But I love it so much, it is now mine. I will go look for it and carry it with me everytime I go to take a nap. I like to suck on it and use my front paws to tap gently on it while sleeping. Mummy has been buying other soft toys to replace it, but I only want my Skippy!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Mud Bath !

I saw these beautiful beautiful Lilies in the water pond at bishan park. I couldn't help myself but to jump into the pond! You should see the look at my mummy's face when I came out of the pond!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When I was two months old.

Just look at how cute I was when I was two months old!

Puppy Play Time!

I was a very playful puppy. This photo was taken when I was 3 months old. I like to mouth Cookie's fury beard.

Cookie Monster!

I think it's time to introduce my best buddy, Cookie Monster, to you all! Here comes Cookie Monster! She is a seven-year old jack russell terrier. She told me that when she was two years old, she was abandoned at SPCA. She hated it there! She is so happy now to have me as her best buddy!

Bestest Friends!

Here's the photo of me and my best friends. The Schnautzer on my right is Pipa. She has under-developed kidneys. She passed away before reaching eight-month old. I miss her. The Jack Russell on my left is Cookie. She is my best buddy in the whole wide world!

Swimming, my favorite!

As I was saying, I love swimming! It is my favorite pass time! I swim like a seal. The picture above was taken when I was about three months old. That was the first time my mummy brought me to sentosa Tanjong Beach! The time was in August. I was feeling so hot until I surged into the sea! Siok ah!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

X'mas 2005

It was X'mas time, and my mummy invited my canine friends to my home to play with me. I love parties! Food, food and food is everywhere! In the photo you can see Ninja, a cross between schnautzer, poodle and cocker spaniel, and my best buddy in the whole wide world, Cookie Monster, the jack russell!

Are you talking to me?

Hey there, are you calling me? My official name is billie-jean. But my mummy likes to give me funny funny names such as, Oh-Oh (hokkien means black black), bai li (Chinese for white beauty) and little girl. I know I am a good girl as I always look back at mummy whenever she calls for me!

Comb away my pimples!

It is that time again! I am getting my combing. Lately I have lots of pimples on my body. And when the pimples are dried up, I like to bite them off. They are quite itchy. My mummy doesn't like to see me itchy all over the body. She combs me every night, helping me to get rid of dried pimples and dead hair. I love to shake my body all over after combing. It feels good!

billijeandog in a shower!

Oh dear! Look at me in a shower! Once in a while I will lose a lot of my fur. I will get balding on my belly and chest. My mummy will give me natural tea bath consisting of thyme, rosemary, clovers, yarrow and horsetail. I call it a "thyme therapy" bath session. My mummy will first mix all the teas in a bowl, and add hot water. The tea infusion is left overnight. On the next day, I will get a hot shower first. Then I will be bathed using the tea infusion all over my body. I love the tea aroma very much! The thyme therapy will be repeated for weeks until all my fur grow back!

My name is billijean and I am a dog!

Hi, my friends! I am so glad that I am able to share my life with you all! Today is 4th April 2006, which is so close to my birthday on 13th April 2003. I will be three years old. I was born in the East of Singapore and my mummy brought me home when I was seven weeks old. The first thing my mummy did was to bring me to see doctor for my shots and check up.