Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Year Woofy Dog Lunch at Hotel - Charity

I won in two competitions at today's Woof Dog Lunch at Hotel Charity event. First I won the waggiest wag tail competition. Second I won the sit/stay the longest period, even with squeeky toy distraction!
My doggie lunch box is made of pasta, tuna fish, carrots and potatoes.

We are at the 28/29th floor at Klapson Hotel.

I sit guai guai on the floor next to Mummy while she is having her buffet.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Search & Rescue on Saturdays

Mummy says this is the best photo she has taken of me. She loves it how my eyes are closed..
We were at Mandai Training Village this morning for Search & Rescue training.

These are Bear-Bear and Bruno.. I met them last year.


Bark.. bark....bark.....

There is a plan for new recruitment for the new program. The new search training is basically known as Fire Investigation Dog training (FI Dog) whereby we trained your dogs to pick up unburn/residue accelerants (petrol, thinner, diesel, turpentine etc) in a fire scene. This will enable you to response to a suspected fire scene with your trained dog to assist in fire investigation which is part of the main idea for this program.
Please let me know if you doggies are interested! So exciting !

Monday, January 03, 2011

Professional Photographer Shoot of ME !

Aren't these beautiful photo shoot of ME? Mummy brought along a professional photographer friend to our outing at NEX dog run and dog cafe. I am black beauty! Look at ME.. look at ME... ME ME ME... Happy New Year 2011 !