Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 !

This morning Mummy went to Macritchie reservoir Tree Top Bridge for hiking.. without us.. Because dogs are not allowed in the nature reserve... Mummy walked 10+ km and more than 4 hours... To celebrate New Year 2010 we have sizzling beef steak for dinner.. As usual, Cookie's eyes were wide opened when eating beef steak..
Later tonight we will be going to granny's place to eat New Year's Eve dinner (human).. Mummy will bring Cookie and me there because we all have to be together for the New Year 2010 count down....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are We Flying In An Aeroplane?

We have these cool doggy carriers, approved for use to be carried into the aeroplane cabin, tuck underneath the seat. Mummy thinks one day in the future, Cookie and I will be able to fly with Mummy and have holidays together in other countries... Well, I don't know when will be that day, but when it comes, we are ready to fly! We have practiced to sleep inside the carriers and we love to go inside the carriers... We can stay inside the carriers for hours... Hope that one day doggies will be able to fly to Taiwan and Japan for holidays..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Baked Salmon for X'mas Dinner

As we have been eating chicken every day, and mutton and beef once a week, we have put on weight.. Mummy will be cutting away the mutton and beef... So for Christmas dinner we have baked salmon. Mummy is careful to make sure that there are no bones in the salmon before feeding us. The baked salmon is still hot when we are eating it.... Cookie's eyes are wide opened when eating the baked salmon...

Cookie and Me on X'mas Day at Pet Cafe

There is something wrong with the blog today.. It refused to upload my photos altogether.. so I have to upload the photos in different section.. Anyway, Cookie and me inside dog cafe on Christmas Day....

Inside of Bark Angel

This is me inside dog cafe Bark Angel...

Visiting Bark Angel on X'mas Day

We have a quiet Christmas morning.. we visited dog cafe Bark Angel...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DoDo and MoMo Came to Visit

Do Do and Mo Mo came to my house today to check out if they would like to come here for doggy holiday stay. Do Do really has a very shinny coat, real pretty pretty. Mo Mo's fur has grown longer now, really puffy. Mo Mo is very out-going and active... sniffing and investigatng the whole house.. and finally she settled down to chew on the toys...
Once Mo Mo has more toys to chew at home, she should stop chewing wires and cables..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Latest Pet Cafe at Thomosn Hill Drive

This morning before the heavy rain, we went to Lower Peirce Reservoir. When we were resting on the bench, Buttercup gave Cookie and I each a big piece of kangaroo back bone. Nowadays we chew bones under supervision due to the possibility of crack tooth. While we were exploring the area, we chanced upon a newly opened Pet Cafe located in the quiet neighbourhood.
On the way home, Cookie was so tired and resting her head on my back.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost/Abandoned Male Tan Standard Dachshund

Male, neutered, 3-year old, standard dachshund was found at Block 511 ang mo kio ave 8 lift lobby on Sunday 13 Dec 2009 at 4.30pm. Anyone lost the dog please contact If you would like to help to foster the dog for 1 week while we are looking for the owner to show up, please help. Subsequently if the dog is not claimed, it will be put up for adoption to dog-loving family.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Odie Going Home Today

Today Odie is going home.. sweet home... He is missing his Mummy very much... He whines when his things are packed and he is inside his doggy carrier, he knows he is going home. Hope he will eat his dry food again when he reaches home as he must be very hungry by now.. although Mummy has been giving him greenies, which he loves very much.
Odie's Mummy reported that Odie was eating his dry food as per normal at his home just now. Odie is back to his normal routine at his home now.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Scandalous is the Coolest

While the three doggies are playing and running around the house with me barking, and Odie is climbing up the dinning table, Scandalous continues to sleep with her four legs up in the air, very carefree. Scandalous has a very cool character. She is such a confident dog. Barking when she smells food... demanding to be fed. When Mummy secretly gives Cookie and me some treats, Scandalous is able to smell the treats and running towards us as fast as she can...
Scandalous is going home tonight... She is here for two weeks already... After her steroids medication is reduced, and Mummy persistently training her to use the newspaper to pee and poo, Scandalous does not pee on the floor anymore, although she sometimes still poo on the floor. Her urination is now every 2-4 hours during the day, instead of every hour when she first came to our house. She is able to hold her pee over the night while she is sleeping. She is also less thirsty now. Her appetite is amazing! Hope Scandalous gets better... She doesn't scratch so much anymore...

Monday, December 07, 2009

Beef Steak mixed with Dry Food for Odie

After consultation with Odie's Mummy on Odie's refusing to eat his dry food, my Mummy boiled beef steak and mixed with dry food. Mummy has used the beef juice to mix with the dry food as well. This time Odie come to the food himself, no need to pat or sayang or sweet talk or encourage, and he gobbled up all the beef steak.. and ate none of the dry food... He even threw out the dry food on the floor to avoid eating them.. After he was done with the beef steak, he turned away from the dry food and refused to eat anymore.
Then Odie kept coming to Mummy's lap and hand for patting and sayang-sayang... But this time Mummy turned away and ignored Odie. The conclusion Odie is a fussy eater. He doesn't like his kibbles anymore.

Odie Eating Dry Food Added with Treats

Buttercup has come up with an idea... how about adding treats in Odie's dry food? Oh Yes, Odie was eating his dry kibbles with treats without handfeeding yesterday! Bingo! So Odie is a fussy eater. May be he doesn't like his dry food anymore. Every evening Mummy is cooking in the kitchen, all doggies like to stay in the kitchen smelling the delicious food flavours... May be Odie wants to eat human food...
This morning Mummy gave pineapple to Odie and he ate the fruit. And last night he ate greenies again... Looks like Odie doesn't miss his Mummy so much anymore... Or he is hungry?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Walking Four Doggies...

Today's weather is cooling and good.. So we venture outside.. Look at how confident and at ease Scandalous is when walking, even though she is blind. When she comes to a curb, Mummy will slow down and Scandalous is able to step up and down the curb. She is so smart!
In the first half an hour of walking, Cookie has poo twice, Odie poo once on the concrete floor, Scandalous poo twice and I poo twice too. Good thing Mummy and Buttercup has lots of poo bags.. he he he.....
After playing outside the whole morning, we came home and all four doggies showered. Odie also used conditioner after his shower.