Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Odie's last day care today

Today is Odie's last day care.. Odie has been coming to my home for day care every Wednesday for ten months now.. When he first came, he was very insecure.. following Mummy everywhere every second.. but now he is calm and relax and very secure... Mummy has been training him not to jump up and down on his two hind legs. So now when Mummy takes out his leash to bring him out, instead of getting so excited jumping up and down, he is calm and sitting for Mummy to put on his leash to go outside.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

White Fungi all over the living room

It was my idea to open the zipper on Mummy's packed baggage. Yeah, I know how to work the zipper without tearing the baggage.. genius, right? Cookie and I tore the packages and the white fungi are all over the living room. Mummy was in shock when she stepped into the house. When I was four years old, Mummy began to trust me with the whole house.. thinking that I would not destroy her antique furniture or cushion or plants or CDs or books... (Whatever). Now that I am seven years old, nothing has changed at all. I am still expert in unzipping bags and messing up the house. Well.. I just don't like Mummy go travelling.. that's all. And yes, we have eaten some of the white fungi.. as proven from our poo poo...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swimming at East Coast Park

We went swimming at the beach again! At east coast park the wave was stronger than the calmer Sentosa beaches... I was even submerged in the wave... But I am a good swimmer. I have no fear of the strong wave.. But Cookie has no desire to swim in strong wave..

Super Heroes by the Beach

We haven't been to the beach for a swim for 2 months already... since it's more expensive to go Sentosa nowadays.... But today there is Super Heroes by the Beach doggie event at east coast park. Happily we went to east coast park for a swim!
It has been raining everyday for the past few days, but today the weather was nice... hot.
There are good food, but not cheap, at the food centre nearby. The humans have lunch at the beach. Although there is 'No Dog' sign, the alfresco sitting areas were occupied by doggies.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lily... I Dare You To Love Me

We Love To Squeeze

Cookie and I love to squeeze together to sleep. We snuggle inside the tiny red doggie house, on the cushion, in the crate, on Buttercups' lap, and now into this doggie basket... he he he... Today the weather is pretty hot, but luckily our home is windy. February this year has been the hottest month in Singapore..