Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bishan Park on Sundays

The new dog runs at Bishan Park attract many people and dogs every weekend. It can be quite crowded.
We saw two stray dogs at the top of the hill, one female just given birth. We quickly get out of there as Mummy has fear of stray dogs protecting their territories. We have stopped going to AMK West Garden because two years ago there were 4 stray dogs chasing and barking at us protecting their territory. Now the National Parks say the stray population has increased to 20.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Quit eating my own Poo

I begun eating poo when I was a puppy because my human breeder fed me and other adults dogs together. I didn't get enough to eat. I was hungry. For the past eight years, my Mummy has tried every method to make me stop eating my own poo.. I also eaten Cookie's poo. My Mummy thought by feeding me papaya, pineapple, i will stop. But I continue to eat my poo. At night when the humans are sleeping, I will poo secretly and eat my poo, and later I will lick the humans in the face. That was all in the past.

Today, I QUIT EATING POO SUCCESSFULLY. My Mummy can trust me 100% now. I am CLEAN! Even when Mummy goes out, I don't eat poo anymore. Mummy is full of joy when she comes home to see poos everywhere on the newspapers. In the past, I will eat the poo when Mummy went out.

So how did I quit eating poo? For 6 months, Mummy stay home and work from home. In order to stop me from pooing at home, Mummy bring me out to poo. So I got no chance to eat poo. Everytime Mummy come home, she will give me treats to eat. After a while I get it. Even if Mummy is not home, after I poo I don't eat my poo. Because I know Mummy is giving me yummy treats soon. When Cookie is pooing, Mummy separate me from her. So I don't have chance to eat Cookie's poo as well.

This has been a tough, long and winding road..

After about 2 years or less of building, the Village at Serangoon Gardens is opened! We have no chance to visit yet. The outdoor seating here "may be" or "may be not" dog friendly. Mummy saw a dog here. But when Mummy asked the waitress in the Japanese Restaurant next to it, she said "no dogs" allowed in the outdoor seating. The Coffee Bean also replied "no dogs" in the outdoor seating. We may never get the chance to sit here with Mummy... As we are preparing to move out of current home to further north. We have lived here with Mummy for 10 years. But coming August we are going to move up north. Mummy promises the home to be bigger, with more greeneries and reservoirs surrounding us..and may be we can sleep in air-conditioning room at night.