Monday, April 28, 2008

The beginning of skin problem

It's April, and the weather is getting hotter and more humid. My skin begins to flake. I have dandruffs! Buttercup showers me thoroughly each week and applies apple cider vinegar on my skin. I am being combed everyday now to get rid of my dandruffs. I hope my daily meal that consists of seaweed and flaxseed oil will help my skin to grow healthy again.... Mummy and Buttercup are very worried.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

SPCA Dog Walk April 2008

This morning we arrived at Bishan Dog Run at 8:00 Am for the SPCA Dog Walk. There were about 50 other doggies already there. The whole group of doggies walked for 3 km around Bishan Park. As always, Cookie has to be number ONE. Buttercup and Cookie was the first to reach the end point. I was running behind Cookie, but Mummy was pulling me to slow down!

When we finished the walk, SPCA gave out so many free gifts! It was like Christmas! There were dog bowls, leather leashes, collars, harnesses, T-shirts, doggie beds, doggie houses, apples, and water bottles. Buttercup got us a bright red doggie house. Mummy got a T-shirt.

I love my new doggie home!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pet Cafe

Although my birthday is over, this morning Mummy and Buttercup brought us to Pet Cafe for a treat. We skipped our breakfast at 8 am. I was very hungry. We reached the Pet Cafe at 9 am. Our chicken and rice order came at 9:30 and we chowed down hungrily. Oh boy it was so yummy. We ate everything except the celery branches. We met our friend at the cafe, Dewey. He was a Cocker Spaniel. His Mummy adopted him from SPCA last year. He is a vegetarian. Looks like we will be visiting the Pet Cafe again soon, as the people and doggies there are jolly friendly!

Monday, April 14, 2008

13 April 2008 - My Birthday on Sunday!

I celebrated my five years old birthday yesterday! I woke up late at 12 pm, ate my fruits and yoghurt breakfast. Mummy and Buttercup brought us to Bishan Park for walks. Then we went for late lunch at 3 pm. I ate some unsalted french fries and chicken salad. When we got home, I had a hot shower. After shower I have my steak dinner and Cookie have chicken filet. Yummy! I love my birthday!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Radio FM 95 Dog Walk

This morning we went to Bishan Park II Dog Run to meet with FM 95 DJ Glenn Ong for Dog Walk. We were late for the dog walk, so we just gathered and played with the 400 dogs there. We met Jaffe and Kayle ( there too! I heard that they will be migrating to Canada end of April 2008.

Mummy and Buttercup each had a free Anderson Ice Cream from Belgium, but none for us. Why? Because Mummy met two very fat jack russel terriers and afraid that Cookie and I will be as fat as they are after eating ice cream.