Monday, July 28, 2008

Cookie's Growth in the Butt

As Cookie's growth in the butt is geting bigger and redder, Mummy thought it is a good idea to let the sea water cure it. So we went to Sentosa Tanjong Beach. We met good old friend, Duffy, the Scottish Terrier. After the beach, Mummy checked that Cookie's growth is no longer reddish, it is back to pinkish. So the sea water must have helped. Anyway, it is time to check with the vet again.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating Durian

It's the durian season in the month of July! Mummy has been eating a lot of the $2/durian from China Town. Almost everyday. The durian meat is sweet and golden yellow. We love it as well. Everytime we see the durians on the floor, we will go over and smell them. We have to be careful around the thorny fruit, may get pricked if we bump into it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pasir Ris Park

We have a surprise trip today. Instead of the usual Bishan Park or Sentosa, Mummy brought us to Pasir Ris Park. This is the first time in my life to visit Pasir Ris Park. It is so huge. We spent five hours going from one end to the other. I swam and played fetch game at the beach. Cookie climbed up and slide down the giant slide at the children's play ground.

Mummy met a group of Filipino BBQ at the beach. They were so nice to offer Mummy and Buttercup BBQ chicken wings. Yummy!

When we reached home, Cookie and I had raw oxtail to chew. After our shower we had eggs. We love Sunday!