Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camomile Tea Treatment

Mummy bought Cookie a new volley ball. Cookie just loves big balls. But I don't know what happened to her big basket ball. Some how it was gone missing. Just a few seconds into playing with the new ball, Cookie already punctured many holes. I don't know how long will this ball last.

This is me updating my blog on the laptop.

Mummy is trying out Camomile Tea infusion to treat Cookie's mouth ulcers. Camomile tea gargle infusion several times daily to aid in the management of mucous membrane inflamations such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis, sore throat and gums.

Half a cup of boiling water is poured into a camomile tea bag and left sitting for several hours. A cotton wool is used to treat the ulcers. Mummy will monitor the situation for two weeks. If the ulcers do not get better, Mummy will be very worried. Hope that it's not something serious. Cookie is still eating and chewing as per normal. Hope that Cookie is not in pain.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cookie Mouth Infection/Ulcer/Growth

There was a bump behind the fallen top front tooth, an ulcer/growth/infection on the roof top of Cookie's mouth. Actually on the left side of Cookie's top gum also has two dots of ulcers. Been there for over a month now. They are not growing bigger, just seem not to go away.

Buttercup has been treating the growth and ulcers with echinacea extract and raspberry leaf infusion. We want to use homeopathy remedies. Going to the vet will mean general anesthesia, teeth removing and pumping antibiotics. Contemplating of bringing Cookie for a round of teeth scaling before she gets too old to go under general anesthesia. My poor Cookie is getting old...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cookie dropped a tooth today

Today during shower, Buttercup picked up Cookie's missing tooth. She must have lost it while chewing her ox tail in the bathroom. The missing tooth was her top front one. Cookie also lost her bottom tooth last week. Last year she also lost one bottom tooth. So in total Cookie has lost three front teeth. The top molar tooth on her left was chipped off in 2004, but still intact until this day.
As for me, last year I lost four bottom front teeth, one front top tooth and a bottom molar on my right at the vet. Well, since last year we have been brushing teeth everynight. So our teeth should be ok now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend adventure begins....

We arrived at our new picnic ground... As Mummy likes to keep our treats and my ball in her carry-on bag, we poked our noses in the bag.

We have been promoted from sitting behind the van to the front seat. This is how I like it to get a good view and breathe in the fresh air.. Buttercup was holding my harness and leash, as this is quite dangerous when the van is moving (at maximum speed of 60km/hr, yeah Mummy is a very safe driver, especially when driving us around). But we are so spoiled. Mummy still thinks that we should be sitting behind the van.

Isn't Cookie so cute in this photo?

Our adventure begins....

The sunlight makes the path so pretty..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot Weather Drinking Lots Of Water

As the weather is so hot, I have been drinking lots of water.. and pee a lot.. so much so that Mummy is beginning to worry if I may have diabetes. Mummy has been checking for ants around my potty area in the house. She is now looking for urine glucose test strips at the pharmacy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice walk in the Nature

We went for a nice and easy walk in the nature this morning. There is a small park with benches next to Sembawang Hill Food Centre. So Mummy and Buttercup packed food and drinks and enjoyed breakfast in the park. The hawker centres are not dog friendly. We have a great day today.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meeting Nika for the First Time

We met Nika for the first time today. She is a tan mini long hair dachshund weighing 4 kg. She is coming to 9-month old, still a puppy. Today was extremely crowded. We ate shepherd pie. Remember the lamb balls were too oily the last time. We played some agility and fetch ball exercises out in the field in the evening before headed home for some hot shower and warm dinner, yes, we eating again at home.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration

We went to Bishan Park Greenroom to celebrate our Grannie's Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day! The Shih Tzu is Chewie, our cousin.

This is me peeing during my walk at Bishan Park.

Cookie and me during our walks at Bishan Park.

We were at Grannie's house to pick her up to Bishan Park.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nature Walk

I am sliding down... great fun!

Cookie on the slide. Sliding down is her favorite game.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My New Harness From Adelaide

I have a bald patch on my chest area since I was one-year old. Everytime I play in the dog run at Bishan Park, I will come home with rashes as I don't have a layer of protective fur. Mummy would apply Richard's Organic Skin Spray with natural extracts to soothe my skin irritation.

Mummy searched all over Adelaide's pet shops and found me this harness that protects my bare patch. It is so comfy and I LOVE the material. And there's a dog with halo logo on it that says "Dog Bless You". which I find so cool.... It makes me feel like I am some kind of a saint.

The catty and colourful spikey are Cookie's new toys from Adelaide.