Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New harness and leash hanger

Buttercups put up the new Cat design hanger for our harness and leash.
Cookie gets along well with Odie. Odie is calm and submissive. Cookie can not stand dogs who challenge her alpha status. Cookie has to be number ONE. Dodo wants to challenge Cookie, and Cookie wants to eat Dodo. Cookie plays rough with Momo and Momo is submissive.
So far Cookie only allows me to dominate her while she lies on her back and belly up during our play time. Cookie never submit and belly up for any other dogs, ever!

Friday, February 19, 2010


We seldom get to eat prawns.. It's like once every year. Today Mummy gives us some prawns. Mummy hopes that in the new Tiger roaring year, Cookie will be happily laughing throughout the whole year and not grouchy and bad mood all the time. Cookie is very fierce to strangers.

My fur coat as Shiny as Dodo

Mummy is now very happy as my fur coat is as shiny as Dodo's! Mummy feels that a shiny fur coat is an indication of a healthy body. At home dodo, momo and me get along very well. Momo is especially playful and whole day and night trying to play with me. But Cookie has to be leashed around Momo as Cookie plays too rough with Momo. Mummy doesn't like it when Cookie bullies smaller dogs. When Cookie bullies Momo, Dodo wants to protect her sister and Cookie wants to eat Dodo. Most of the time Cookie is in her time-out zone and we are all at peace. Dodo and Momo will return to their pawrents tomorrow Saturday and Cookie can have the whole house again soon. JRTs like Cookie has very dominating character.
When compare to Momo and Dodo side-by-side, I am bigger in size.. Although Mummy can still feel my ribs, she thinks I am gaining weight. Mmh... may be it's time to exercise me more or cut down my salmon oil consumption. Dodo is 5.5 kg. Dodo and Momo are really slim.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dodo Momo Sleeping Postures

At night our home can be very cooling and windy, especially if it rains. Dodo with short hair may be feeling very cold. She likes to curl up in a ball like a snail. Dodo's fur is really sleek and shiny. Mummy has groomed me the other day, trimming away my dull-end fur, hoping I will be shiny too. Everyday I am also taking salmon oil so that I can have healthy fur.

Momo & Chew Toys - Loving it !

Momo is really very cute.. she plays with every single toy in the house. She loves to chew and good thing is there are plenty of different nylon chew toys around for her entertainment. She loves to pull out all the stuffing in the soft toys as well, making snow everywhere.
She has been scratching her neck a lot. So Buttercups sprays some essential oils to stop her itch. Dodo has balding chest. After she walked on grass she came home with rashes. So Buttercups sprayed Richard's Organics on her, and the rashes were gone in less than a day.
Dodo has gained more confident throughout her stay with us. At first she seldom bark and her tail was tugged in between her legs. Dodo is human-shy. But now she wags her tail, barks loudly and loves belly rub. She loves us now. And we love her too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dodo Momo playing with treats ball

Do Mo's pawrents made "bak kwa" (dehydrated pork slices) as treats for them. Buttercups put small pieces of "bak kwa" inside the treats ball and let dodo and momo play. Momo is a very smart dog. She knows how to play the treats ball right away! She pushes the ball around and treats come out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dodo Momo 去拜年初三

After the morning walk at lower peirce reservoir, dodo and momo were off to 拜年. Mummy was worried if dodo and momo were left at home, there will be disaster. Dodo has separation anxiety, she will start barking for long period of time when left alone. Momo chews on wires. Dodo showed signs of anxiety when going to new places. During 拜年, dodo whined and very anxious. She even jumped onto the coffee table spilling the drinks.

Lower Peirce with Dodo Momo

Today is still public holiday for Mummy and Buttercups. The four of us were packed inside the van and off we went to Lower Peirce Reservoir. The weather was really beautiful. Momo is really enjoying the windy reservoir and nice scenery. Dodo is a very anxious dog. She is nervous when we go to new places. Momo, on the other hand, is a very well balanced dog. She loves new adventures and new places. She is such a happy little dog.

Resort World Sentosa -- Opening

On the second day of Resort World Sentosa opening, Buttercup braved the crowd and went to join the celebration.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dodo and Momo Perfect Picture

Momo and Dodo look very good in the photos. Dodo has very clear eyes. Momo looks like a little princess.

Dodo Momo meal time - BARF

Dodo and Momo eat BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for dinner. Dodo eats very fast and hungrily, while Momo eats like a princess, very slowly. For breakfast, Mummy gives them fruits and carrots. Dodo has sensitive stomach, she can not take yogurt, which makes her stool soft.