Monday, May 21, 2007

Met Harry, the giant JRT!

We went to sentosa again on Sunday. This time, we met a new friend, Harry. He was very huge for a JRT! Double the size of Cookie. He was very nice. He swam towards me while I was playing my 'fetch the catty' game. I don't like other dogs to come and disturb me when I am playing the fetch game. There was also a JRT club gathering. We met a bunch of JRTs running around at the beach. It was fun!

Monday, May 07, 2007

'Ah Fat' the JRT at Sentosa

I have made a new friend, 'Ah Fat', at sentosa yesterday! Ah Fat and her lady owner can be spotted at Tanjong Beach daily for a swim. A Fat is a JRT and she is seven years old. A Fat is able to jump from the rocks into the water and swim for long distance. She is also able to stay on a surfing board and surf! A Fat is very cool. She is also very possessive of her lady owner. A Fat even knows how to grab a hold of the surfing board and drag it back to the shore! She is the smartest dog I know!