Friday, March 23, 2012

Teeth Scaling and Molar Extraction

I am sleepy after general anaesthesia for teeth scaling.... the bandage is to stop the bleeding.
Lucky this time only one left last molar extraction.. mild periodontal disease. Vet's bill is $176.55 (Mummy thinks it is quite reasonable). This time no need for antibiotics..
After my teeth scaling.. Right side..
After my teeth scaling.. left side
Before teeth scaling.. due to daily brushing, my teeth are not too bad.. no gums bleeding.. and no bad breath.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Full Health Check up at the vet with Huge Bill

Cookie has increased in weight now at 5.6kg. Where is her waist? No more supper of hot oatmeal for her from now on.. Today at the vet full blood test, biochemistry and urine tests, Cookie's health result has come out even better than mine.. Cookie is 13 years old.
Huge vet's bill almost $400 at The Animal Doctors. Mummy always insists on Dr Cathy Chan even if making appointment with her requires longer waiting time. My urine contains white and red blood cells. I have urinary tract infection. I am now on antibiotics for two weeks. We have to submit my urine sample again in two weeks' time. I will be going for teeth scaling again.
At the vet.....
Cookie's general health is good... her teeth are also good, no tar tar and no gum disease.. better than mine. Mummy has done a good job brushing her teeth everyday. Cookie has better genes than me.. Am I from puppymills?
My teeth have discoloration which won't go away even with scaling by the vet. Overall my blood and biochemistry tests showed normal results, meaning my organs are functioning well. I am 9 years old. My heart is good too.. and Dr Cathy Chan said I have shinny and healthy coat. I have a few yeast cells in my ears.. which Mummy will continue to use apple cider vinegar to clean my ears. Yeast infection in my ears are long term condition.. It is under control.