Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manis, the cat is spayed !

Remember Manis? The female stray cat who is dog friendly? She is spayed today ! Now she is recuperating at Precious', the Shih Tzu, home. Mummy said Cookie and I will disturb her too much if she stays with us. Precious is really a good girl with cat. Hope Manis recovers well soon so that I can play with her.
The cat feeder tells Mummy there is a litter of five kittens near our block. She wants Mummy
to help sterilise them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bishan Park Acacia for Dinner

Tonight my Mummy went to Bishan Park Acacia for dinner. We went along and met Bobby, the dachshund. Bobby likes to hump.
Odie's Mummy was worried that Odie may not eat his dinner while at our home. The last time when Odie's Mummy went for holiday, the pet sitter said that Odie did not eat his food.
Odie's dinner consists of 3/4 cup kibbles and two different supplement tablets. Odie ate all his kibbles tonight. He left the two supplement tablets behind. And Mummy asked him to come back and eat. And Odie ate the two supplement tablets in the end.

Odie is Staying with us Over the Weekend

This weekend is Hari Raya Puasa long weekend holiday. Odie is staying with us while his pawrents have gone travelling. Do you think Odie can walk as long and far as Cookie and me? The last time when Odie went Sentosa swimming with us, he exercised too hard and was limping by the time he got home. His Mummy brought him to see the vet and he was sent home to rest. Odie's Mummy says he has weak legs. But my Mummy thinks Odie is just over-weight and lack of exercise. So Odie has to build up his stamina. Odie is only 6 - 7 years old. He weighs 7.3 kg.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buttercup Busy Pounding the Egg Shell

Mummy and Buttercup are slaves to Cookie and me. At home after work, Mummy has to boil chicken breast meat for our dinner. Buttercup has to pound boiled dried egg shell for our calcium supplement. Mummy mixes the powdered egg shell in instant oatmeal added with unsweetened soya milk for us. At night before sleeping, Buttercup has to brush our teeth. No wonder people call me 'princess'.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to Cookie Aug 31, 2009

It's Cookie's tenth-year old birthday last Monday on 31 Aug 2009. We ate special meal, beef steak marinated with thyme. So yummy!
Actually, Mummy doesn't really know when is Cookie's exact birthday... I think 31 Aug is just a date around Cookie's adoption day from SPCA. So Cookie may be older than 10. But she is still very healthy and active.. doesn't look her age at all! Mummy thinks Cookie can live until 18 years old! I hope Cookie can out-live me, because I don't like to be alone at home.
On Saturday we went to Tanjong Beach with Odie. We met DoDo and MoMo there too. The water quality was bad, dirty and oily. Cookie's white fur was stained with brownish oil spots! Think we have to go Palawan Beach instead next time.