Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bedok Reservoir

Mummy brought me to Bedok Reservoir Park for the first time. We walked for over an hour around the 4km reservoir.

First we have to wait 15 min for a parking space.. and the western guy fought with Mummy over the same parking space, which Mummy graciously let the ang mo has it. Then while walking, the Indian man asked us to get out of his way.. I think we will stick with Bishan Park from now on.

Mummy brought Cookie to the new Bishan dog run.

The place was still not ready.. the grasses were very tall.... No one was in the dog run. Mummy plans to bring Cookie there every Sunday to let her has the whole dog run by herself. It's good for Cookie to be off leashed in a safe space.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Dried Kangaroo Treats From Australia

These are "roo-rami" sticks, made of kangaroo meat.

These are kangaroo dried meat.. very yummy. They are called Roo Chews.

Inspired by Joey's HC (, Mummy has decided to showcase the content of our refrigerator as well. Our daily meal of cooked chicken or fish is stored in container in the frozen section. The two plastics store raw frozen fish for us as well.

Also on the right side of the freezer contains our vegetables. So basically our food owns the whole freezer. While our dried treats are stored on the cold section of the refrigerator.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heard so much about the new dog run

So today we went in the new Bishan dog run. It has two areas. It seems smaller than the old dog run. There are trees inside the dog run for shades.

This is the inside of new dog run.

Oh ya, it is still under construction.. the No Entry sign is put up. But we went in anyway. he he

The new dog run from the outside.

I am checking out the new dog run from the outside.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Search & Rescue at Mandai Training Village

After 2 years of delay, Mummy finally brought me to Search & Rescue training at Mandai Training Village. Mummy first saw my potential in 2008.. I have high play drive, I love my squeeky ball, and I have good nose, and I am active and smart... Now at 7 plus, I am in the search and rescue training.
Mummy and I have so much fun together! We bonded like crazy.
I have natural talent in this game. The officer ran away with my toy and hide. Then I ran like carzy looking for the officer, with the guide of my nose, as I didn't see where the officer ran to. Everytime I found the officer, I barked, and the officer will give me my ball.
Today Ginger, Bear Bear, Bruno and two other big dogs were there.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bark Angel for a Ribena Soda

I met up with Jack and Joey at Bark Angel on lazy Sunday for a drink.. of Ribena Soda. It turned out to be a nice day.. later we have a nice walk around the area.