Saturday, January 30, 2010

Animal Resort

We visited Animal Resort today too. The last time we visited here was in July 2006. We stopped coming here because the place has become smelly. But today we have a good time there. The place was not crowded and we played agility and fetch at the behind enclosed field. The place is not smelly anymore.

Punggol Beach

This morning Mummy and Butercups brought us to Punggol Beach to try out the place. It is very secluded at the North and end of the road. There are no people camping near the beach. So we have the small beach all to ourself. Can you see how strong the wave is? I was submerged in the water for many times...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sentosa.. Before the Opening of IR

This is the castle we see when we approach Sentosa Island.

And the entrance to Sentosa.... Welcome

After rubbing my face in the sand.... This is me with my both eyes close as the sand gets into my eyes...

This coconut tree is amazing...

Pahlawan Beach Today...

Yeah... bark bark bark... throw me my toy.. let's play fetch game!

I love to rub my body in the beautiful and soft sand... Everytime the sand will get into my eyes and Mummy will use Eyebright herb to wash the sand out when we get home.

The beautiful Pahlawan Beach at Sentosa.... Today the beach is not crowded at all.. We like it very much when the beach is quiet..

Doggies have to lbe eashed at the beach.. although most dogs are not leashed at Tanjong Beach.. We enjoy ourselves very much leashed or unleashed... at the beach.. The weather is fantastic! God is good...

Cookie is looking wiser and wiser as she ages... her beautiful eyes are piercing.. looking into your soul..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does Cookie Look Old Nowadays?

This is Cookie today... This year Cookie will be 11 years old. Does Cookie look old? It is true that Cookie is sleeping a lot these days.. and wakes up later in the morning.. During walks she is slower and does not pull on the leash anymore.. and sometimes she needs to rest during her long walk.. she doesn't like to swim anymore.. but her appetite is still excellent and she has gained some weight.. and she is playing with her toys everyday..

This was Cookie 7 years ago when she was 4 years old.. Mummy took her photo at Bishan Park and later this photo was published in Sunday Times (The Straits Times) in 2003.

This is Cookie today.. she is still very alert.. her health is excellent, she doesn't have any skin problem and her fur is growing very well.. she is still fiercely guarding our home.. Cookie and I are best friends..

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sentosa... Before the Casino and Resort Open

The Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) integrated resort opens in a few week's time. Parking charges will be more expensive... and driving in will cost $7 per car. As we are doggies, we can not use the public transport into Sentosa.. so...I don't know if Mummy will still bring us to Tanjong Beach, or we have to wait for the river in Bishan Park to open in 2011. Or we will start to explore Punggol and East Coast Park.. as the water quality in Pasir Ris and Changi Beach are really awful, not suitable for swimming.
This morning we went to Tanjong Beach.. the water was very clear and clean.. and the weather was awesome! I have so much fun swimming and fetching my dumbell toy... I am going to miss Sentosa...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sydney Visiting Us Tonight

Sydney, the mini female tan dachshund, comes to visit us tonight.. She is a smart cookie, she comes and she poos and pees on the newspaper right away! She smells and investigates the whole house non-stop! Her character is like MoMo, the mini dachie (DoDo and MoMo).
Sydney may be coming here for a doggy vacation next week.

Odie Refuses Dinner Today.... Again

Odie's Mummy thinks it's a great idea that Odie should eat his dinner at my home during day care.. But Odie refuses his dinner again.. Mummy moves Cookie and I to the living room so that we don't disturb Odie "if" he eats dinner..
Cookie and I can eat everywhere and anytime.

Odie New Crew Cut

Odie gets a new crew cut over the weekend! His whiskers are gone too... He now looks like a smooth hair dachshund! Here Odie is wearing his new year's clothes..Wonder what he will wear during coming Chinese New Year?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Future Bishan Park - Artist Impression

Mummy was so excited to see future Bishan Park artist impression.. Bishan Park is currently under renovation and will be re-opened in 2011.. As you can see there will be a river.. and places for picnic.
This morning I was playing fetch ball at the dog run.
We met Manis this morning, and Cookie wanted to eat her.