Saturday, July 28, 2012

Medicated Shampoo and Urinary Tract Infection

 I hope to maintain shinny and healthy coat... After bath with medicated shampoo.. I really likes the feel of the shampoo.. All my dead skin scrub off...

 Relaxing after bath.. Mummy just changed the bed sheet, cleaned the whole house.. sterilised.. so that bacteria/yeast don't bother me no more..

 Medicated shampoo and a month's supply of antibiotics for my urinary tract infection.. Mummy doesn't think that I am food allergic.. she thinks the weather is the culprit for my skin flakes.. Anyway, to play safe now I am on pork.. Dr Wendy Chee said chicken and beef are the most allergenic.

I am now 9+ years old.. Mummy has been managing my skin problem on her own for 9 years now.. She thinks so far so good, or OK lah.. as she is not going to spend $1000 to do the allergy test kit.. I have yeast ear infection for as long as 9 years... managed by diluted apple cider vinegar.. But recently I am cured, using the Surolan..
In March this year I have an episode of urinary tract infection.. with this experience, Mummy learned how to tell when I have uti again.. I will drink lots of water and my pee will be very diluted.. that's the sign of me getting uti ..

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